Indys Busted Knuckle Garage
 7522 W. Washington St 
 Indianapolis,In 46231 


Steering And Suspension
Inner/Outter Tie Rods
Rack And Pinion
Control Arms
Power Steering Pump
Wheel Bearings
Control Arm
Sway Bar Link/ Bushing
Coil Springs
Power Steering Hoses

Automotive/Truck Brakes

Brake Drums​​
Brake Rotors
Brake Hydraulics
Brake Master Cylinder
ABS Components
Power Brake Booster
Brake Caliper
Wheel Cylinder
Brake Line Repair

Gas Engine Repair
 Cylinder Head Gasket 
 Engine Disassembly/Assembly 
 Timing Belts Kits
 Cylinder Head Valve Job
 Complete Engine Rebuild
 Engine Remove And Replace
 Engine Modifications

DriveTrain Repair​
CV Axle And Drive Axle
Differentials And Related Components
Differential Assemblies
Drivetrain Sensors,Switches,Modules And Relay
Clutch Replacement And Repairs